Scott Beckman
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Canadian songwriter Scott Beckman already has more than a few accolades to his name. In 2000, the band he was part of was awarded a CGMA award for "Favourite Live Band". In 2003, the same band was nominated for a Canadian Vibe award from songs that are heard across Canada on commercial radio. Now, on the heels of his debut release as a solo artist, he has been nominated for a Toronto Independent Music Award.

Scott's debut CD, Somebody Else (released October 2005), is a collection of original piano rock/pop songs of love, loss, regret, and happiness in the vein of Ben Folds, Sam Roberts, and Billy Joel that play like a journal into Scott's true biography.

A calm, relaxed, "all good" science teacher by day, and an "energy to the max" rock musician by night, the dichotomy and vulnerability of his life are exposed completely on this record.

"The thought of playing on my own was kind of scary at first. It's a little overwhelming when everything depends on you, as opposed to being part of a team where everyone has some great input on things...I really enjoyed having creative ideas from 4 other people all the time...but there's also something that's a little exciting about being vulnerable in my songwriting and performance. Music has a way of stirring the soul like no other medium can..."

Highlighted by his impeccable songwriting skills, the CD features Beckman's smooth vocals and crisp piano playing and envelops the listener with its memorable lyrics and emotional delivery. An instant hit for AC radio, Scott's latest offering should not go unheard.